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Thursday, 23 August 2012

So You Want To Know My GCSE Results...

With the GCSEs all over, and that monstrously eventful (*cough* five posts *cough*) Summer drawing to a close, the grades have finally been given. Yes I was predicted all A*'s and no, I obviously didn't get all that; who do you think I am, Hugh Freaking Turnbull?! But what I did get were a number of capital letters to be somewhat proud of. So for all you nosey pokes out there, here is what I got along with some unwanted commentary which I'm inevitably going to give:

First up, the 4 A*s:
Maths - I got that last year.
Media - Thank god; it'd be little embarrassing if I didn't. Thanks to a certain little film I made, the course work score was at a tidy 117/120 -- look out for that film premiering on here soon!
English Language - Again, mostly coursework, this time a full marks on that. Let's just not mention that *shudder* Of Mice and Men exam...
History - Whoop, worked hard for that one: full marks coursework, full marks paper one, 6 marks off full on paper two.

The 5 A's:
Geography - A pleasant semi-surprise, wasn't too confident on the papers.
English Literature - Respectable, though an A* would've been nice, but that was those darn Of Mice and Men/Animal Farm markers from last year, because the most recent paper (Poetry) was maxed out at 60/60 which I was very happy about.
Music - Another one I worked for, and came out trumps. Looks like I was right to be confident about that exam, and my very own musical composition was a high scorer. "Writer's Block" will be online in some form soon!
RE - I think they might want to check that because as I remember it, I wrote the biggest pile of theological nonsense ever thought up. Seriously, how does "the sanctity of life" used at least 17 times constitute this grade? But whatever, I'll happily take it.
Biology - The only science worth a damn, glad for that.

The 4 B's:
Statistics - Meh.
Latin - All things considering, this is pretty good. A very difficult subject, split into 4 papers, so I'm happy. Oh and the paper I happened to get an A on, also happens to be the paper I put a Mad Men reference in. Connect the dots, people!
Chemistry - Thank everything that I'll never have to take this again.
Physics - As above. I've always said I'm a fan of science fiction, not of science fact.

On top of these there was a Merit in ICT (just scraped in the coursework before the deadline, phew) and a lovely U in Additional Maths. I knew that was coming though; an AS-equivalent exam, with 3 months to learn and all this other stuff to revise? I think not-trying was the best option.

And that's it; 5 years of Secondary School amount to 15 letters, thankfully most coming from the first 2 in the alphabet (plus some asterisks). Happy with all. Until next time, grades!