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"We're only here briefly, and while I'm here I want to allow myself joy. So fuck it."
- Amy, Her.

Friday, 2 November 2012

Tensicles - A Short Film

I present to you Tensicles: a short that came about by the pure want to use my friggin' video camera. With no sort of planning or pre-production whatsoever, this little horror piece was made up as we went along; every angle, every movement, every improvised bit of dialogue (4 words...). I then decided to edit it all and add a dash of music, which I can tell you now is a very not easy job. Could be a mess, could be a masterpiece; you'll have to find out by watching yourself (preferably in HD!).

Be warned: so tense that it'll hit you right in the... "Tensicles".

A DudeMeisterFilms Production.
Starring Charlie Burton and Nick Townsend.
Music, Direction and Editing by Arnold Thornton-Rice.

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Anyone stay for the post-credits tag? Spot any mysterious hands lurking? The odd reflection or background strangeness? Continuity errors or rather strategically placed Easter Eggs? Perhaps a re-watch will help...