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Sunday, 2 October 2011

Lookie What I Won!

The fansite, whedonesque.com(devoted to all things Joss Whedon), recently held a competition to win a copy of Firefly on Blu-Ray with the simple of question of "Why do you love Firefly?". Me - being the writing sort that I am - dived into it with a lengthy entry from the heart, about the greatest Sci-Fi show that ever was. And it won. So, YIPEEE! HD quality perfection is on its way now, courtesy of Amazon. Here's the "award-winning" entry:

I love Firefly because it was what it was.
It was a hybrid of two genres, that had been dying to meet in a passionate lock of love for generations.
It was shaky and unpolished - it had that homely charm of not-perfect to it, something that it mirrored in its characters and its tales, through its use of lighting, camera and sound.
It had a great cast, that were willing to take these unique and quirky characters to new and exciting places.
It told us yarns of great prose, combining that of humour, action and drama into pieces that were as much about humanity as they were about the crew.
It was inviting and fuzzy, yet deep and dark when it needed to be.
It was made by a man who loved it dear and was making it for himself and his fans, not money or fame.
It was, in summary, the Shiniest show in the 'Verse, and something that will remain in the hearts of those who were lucky enough to glance at its beauty before its sudden but inevitable defeat.
When we think of Firefly, we feel a sense of... Serenity about the memories and places it takes us to.
I guess you could say it was a unique and lonely leaf on a burst of unrelenting and cruel wind, letting us watch as it soared from its tragic struggle into our lives, our minds and our hearts.
It was Firefly.
And it was great.

Dramatic? Yes. Pretentious? Perhaps. But did it save me £25? You betcha!

What can I say? The words just kind of flowed out my fingers into something I'm pretty proud of, considering it was just for a small competition. So I guess it's time to re-live all my favourite moments, listen to all new commentaries (yes, I actually watch those...) and experience the Big Damn Heroes in stunning 1080p quality. Shiny - that's all I'm saying...



  1. When you get it can you post a review cause i'm considering buying it but money's tight and knowing it would be worth it would make it less painful for my bank account (who am i kindding i'll buy it anyways but a review would still be cool ;)

  2. Yeah, sure I will. Have you seen the series before?

  3. hells yes! even though over here in Portugal it's a virtually unknown series unfortunatly...(and thanks btw for answering:)

  4. Hey Bee, sorry it took so long, but I finally did that review! Not sure whether you've bought it yet or not, but even if you have, see if you agree! http://dudemeisterblogs.blogspot.com/2011/12/review-firefly-complete-series-blu-ray.html

    Thanks, and stay shiny!