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Monday, 7 November 2011

RE:Commend: OneRepublic

OneRepublic is a band you most likely would have heard, even if not consciously aware of it, as their debut single 'Apologize' in 2006 broke radio history with 10,331 airplays in 1 single week. The 5 Man, Colorado based, Pop-Rock group have been on the rise ever since, having released two stellar albums, Dreaming Out Loud (featuring "Stop and Stare") and Waking Up (featuring "Secrets"), as well as touring and supporting acts like U2 and Maroon 5 all around the world.

   I recently reminded myself of them because of some school work and I find that their stuff is really easy to listen to, regardless of what you're doing. What's also cool is that they use some unconventional, classical instruments in their music too, like cello, violin, organ and even glockenspiel. Whether it's the tuneful melody of "Good Life" or "Everybody Loves Me", or the emotionally driven and choir-like powerhouse of choruses seen in "Stop and Stare", "All This Time" or "Mercy", everything is relevant; nothing is uninspiring.  Just some good, honest, universal music for anyone. Enjoy!

Have a listen for yourself, and check out more of their songs on free-to-listen site, Grooveshark.
Alternatively, you can purchase tracks and albums via iTunes.


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