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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

RE:Commened: My Music Show

So here's a little web-series I found floating around YouTube, created by those devishly clever fellows, The Fine Bros. On face value, MyMusic seems like a quirky new mocumetary-type show taking a tongue-in-cheek look at today's music genres and trends. These are personified by the larger than life cast, named simply after the genre they represent; there's the boss, Indie (Adam Busch), sticking out like a sore thumb with his odd fashions and even odder sayings ("that's culkin!"), mainstream girly-girl Idol, the hot-headed Metal, electro-hyped buddies Techno and Dubstep (and yes, he does talk in bass drops), typical gangsta Hip-Hop and of course the two interns, extremely excitable Scene and the dullness that is Intern 2.

Now throw that group together, all working at the MyMusic office and getting up to a bunch of hijinks and you've got a funny show. A very funny show, at times, even when you don't think it could work there's always some sort of random happening that un-jams the ludicrously zany plots. But as I've said, this is just on face value; this web-sitcom is but one portion of the MyMusicEmpire... 

While you can catch up with their wacky exploits every Sunday with a new 8(ish) minute episode, there's also 3 other shows they run through the week; all using the same characters to host and present them. On Wednesday it's all the latest Music News hosted by Scene, on Friday an array of the cast take fan questions in The Mosh, and on Monday you've got a Live-Streamed variety show with proper artists and comedians coming on to chat and play.

So now you don't just have a web-show, you've got a living, breathing product that is set up to engage us in its presence, going beyond the scripts to actually physically include us and the real world. The character's jobs that are comedically documented in the sitcom actually happen and are available for us to experience too. Which brings us to the heart of the MyMusic ideal; it's an experience. An experience that works in and out of itself as a transmedia, converging beast of a production, proving just what's capable with the revolution of using the internet for original content. 

MyMusic is not just a YouTube channel -- it's the first step into the future of entertainment. 

Here's the first 6 episodes bundled for your viewing pleasure, and keep your eyes peeled for some special guests:

And subscribe to the MyMusic YouTube Channel, or at the very least, check it out.


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