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Monday, 9 January 2012

Happy Birthday Dude Meister Blogs!

Exactly one year ago I had the crazy idea to start up a blog to help with my career aspirations of writing. "Dude Meister Blogs, I'll call it!" I said to myself, and went straight onto it with an embarrassingly dumb first post that would make any social media regular think "This kid ain't gonna last a mointh!" (because of course, they all sound like Italian-Americans).

    So after 11,000 hits and 144 posts here we are, with not just a blog, but a brand that I am so delightedly happy with. I found a niche of the Pop-Culture, with my regular reviews of TV, Books and Films, and of course the many, many trailers I've slaved over analysing (believe me when I say I can recite them). So thanks for all the support  you've been rolling out to me, and I hope the next year brings even greater things for DMb (as the cool cats call it). I've got a number of things in the pipeline that I cannot wait to start up and share with you all; that is of course, if you stick with me until then.

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