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Sunday, 29 January 2012

The Sunday Supdate: 29/01/12 (TV Special)

These are more or less becoming monthly now, aren't they?

After a month of intense school exams and all that jazz, I've finally decided to do a Supdate. Tonight's agenda includes a lot of TV... pretty much all of it is, in fact.

After listening to more and more of The Nerdist Writers Panel podcasts, I've had a strange epiphany; why the hell am I not watching some of the most acclaimed shows that have ever been on TV? If I ever want to write for television myself, I think it's time I delved into some more TV (as if I don't watch enough already), especially those nitty-gritty, deep drama programmes. So, here's my list of shows to watch (because I'm struggling for talking points here):

The Wire (I've started watching via Sky Go)
Mad Men (been drooling over it ever since I saw this clip. Just looks awesome)
Game Of Thrones (I know, it's a crime I haven't watched it)
Breaking Bad
Arrested Development
Lost (embarrassing, and I hate myself for not seeing it)
Dexter (maybe)
Warehouse 13
Dollhouse (I loves me some Whedon)
Peep Show (maybe)
American Horror Story (darned that I missed it)

And then I'm looking forward to catching some of these when they hit UK screens:

Once Upon A Time

 I know, I know... I'm not going to see the light of day am I? Especially once I get Netflix up and running, which'll save me a ton in boxsets. Just waiting until they get a more comprehensive library, and then it's all systems go for the internet-streaming service. Goodbye life...

At the moment, (in the pre-Netflix stage), I'm enjoying The Flight of The Conchords boxset, which is rip-roaring hilarious fun, check it out:

And while we're on the subject and to say goodbye, here's the "alternate", family-sitcom style intro theme for The Walking Dead (which returns on FX, 17th February). SQUEEEEEEEEEE!

Not too sure why no women are credited, but it's still awesome.

Oh and 2000 hits in a single month; good going guys.

And yes, I lied: there really wasn't anything that special about this "TV Special". Just a bog-standard list of shows. Meh.


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