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- Amy, Her.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Once More With Feeling

I've been feeling rather disconnected from the blog for the last month or so, in case you hadn't noticed from the lack of near enough anything. I'm missing my weekly features (Supdates, Trailers), not doing anything particularly new and have overall just become bored with the whole process.

  The problem is I've become too structured; it's all "This is for today!" and "I'll plan this for tomorrow!" or whatever, and it's got to the point at which I frankly have no feeling in my stuff. After looking at other niche blogs I realised something. Something crucial which I really think I've drifted from. And that's just winging it. Logging in and just writing whatever comes out of my head at that time. Like this, I've just gone out on a whim after looking at various future plans and feeling that enough is enough. (Is enough, I can't go on). See, now that's what I'm talking about, just finding myself randomly quoting cheesy 70's pop songs! 

  It's like I've been writing in this odd, almost essay like way that would be treated like some exam piece or something. I'm not saying I won't do stuff like that, but when in comparison to other blogs and such, they've got so much more. Yeah, I'll keep my features but ultimately I want to stray from just that style of writing and lean toward a new more personal and emotive technique alongside all that "professional" jargon.  And I'm not promising daily blogs, but just a little personal dump of memories and feelings and thoughts in response to internal and external affairs of my little world. 

   Now it's at this point where I might say "So you can expect... blah blah blah", which would be a critically contradicting statement to what this little blog is all about. So how about you all just stay tuned and wait for what might just pop up, and enjoy this blog for just being a blog.


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