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Sunday, 5 June 2011

The Sunday Supdate: 05/06/11

What did we learn this week? Well, Twitter is an effective method of plugging. 59 views from just one simple comment on a meaningless image of Swayze's snot. Who'd of thought it? And that generous donation of hits managed to push me through the 3000 barrier. Woo!
I swear there's an image for every single different hit marker...
  Which was a bit of a save, since nothing else has found its way onto the blog this week (No RE:Views, features unfortunately). But if we can just make it through another week and a half, then perhaps there'll be a stirring. Although I am very determined this week to actually write a review, so there'll be that to keep you satisfied. X-Men: First Class, in case you're wondering, as I would have seen it twice by Wednesday, allowing for a much more observant RE:View of the spectacle. Spoiler: It's incredible and its name pretty much reviews itself.

In other topical news, there was the Britain's Got Talent final last night, which I consider to be a complete waste of time. I mean fair dos to the winner, Jai McDowell, but he was just a singer. And a fairly boring singer, in my opinion. Shows like X-Factor are for those types of acts and yet we still end up with just singers in the final 3. Granted two of those singing acts were kids, but there's still a lack of variety; coming from a show which lands the winner in the Royal Variety Performance. And all that controversy over little (mega camp) Ronan Park, which potentially was his downfall in the final 2 was surely a pretty unfair smear attack. It felt as though after being accused of fixing, the show was then fixed as to not look like it had been fixed. Hmmm... Anyway, I was disappointed for my favourite, pianist Paul Gbegbaje.

Never mind, Mr Silent G.

 Ah well, another year, another talent show over. I'll have to do a cut and run here now, as I've got my first Maths GCSE tomorrow (wish me luck?) and better get my z's on soon. Until next week, amigos.

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