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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Trailer Tuesday: Games Special

Okay, so I know E3 (annual gaming conference) was last week, but as I was without computer, the slew of new trailers for some awesome new games had to be postponed until this week. No breakdowns, because there simply is not enough time, but maybe a few comments on a select few. Here we go:

Oh Agent 47, how I've missed you. Can't wait to see Hitman hit the current gen after a few years of inactivity, and shall definitely be reminiscing the good times with my Dad (He played, I watched/gave strategic commands).   

The Uncharted series seriously makes me wish with I had a PS3...

And there's more!

Just epic. My most anticipated game by far. Now with Kinect voice commands too! March 2012, please come sooner! 

Microsoft have confirmed a brand new trilogy for the franchise, but will they be stepping the line here? Cautious of the fact that it's not being made by Bungie... Fingers Crossed.

Oh jeez, Arkham City is going to be packed with awesome content! Playing as Catwoman should surely mix things up a bit.

Based on the latest blockbuster re-imagining of the Sci-Fi classic, this new Star Trek game focuses on some intense co-op action between Kirk and Spock, which certainly has me interested.

A remastered classic to remind us all why we fell in love with Halo in the first place...


And then there's this little game called COD... 9 min demo, anyone?

Wow, that is a lot of trailers... Hope you've enjoyed what you've seen here, I tried to cater for all crowds. Anyway, if you want more head over to IGN's Youtube, because that's where all there are courtesy of.
Happy gaming!

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