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Saturday, 24 September 2011

Twitter Q&A With Writer, Jane Espenson

The writer and executive producer of the hit new web series, Husbands (along with numerous other TV credits spanning from Torchwood: Miracle Day to Firefly), Jane Espenson, recently held a Twitter Q&A to discuss Husbands and anything else from her successful career. I took the opportunity to get a few questions in, and to my delight they were swiftly replied. Here's what went down, with a few interjections from Husbands star, Cheeks:

MeWho came up with the theme music for Husbands?
JE: A composer named Stephen Main composed the music. Great, isn't it? Swingy!

Me: Any future plans to work within the Whedonverse, or with the man himself in the near future?
JE: Yes. I'll be doing something for the season 9 Buffy comic books!
(Jane was a producer and writer for dozens of Buffy episodes)

Me: Can we expect any more special guest like [Nathan Fillion] in the upcoming [Husbands] eps?
JE: I want you to keep watching, so I don't think I'll say. But if we do more seasons, then expect big names!
(So was that a no?)

MeCould there be the slightest possibility of a Husbands and The Guild crossover? Web-series gotta stick together you know!
JE: We would totally be open to a crossover with The Guild! Love them! Love [Felicia Day]! 
Cheeks: Ha! Those worlds colliding would be hilarious! :D

Me: I can totally imagine John Barrowman appearing in a future season of Husbands! Causing trouble perhaps? Make it happen!
JE: We'd love to have John on Husbands! That would be amazing!
Cheeks: Omg, he endlessly flirts with both of them and causes drama! (Comedic drama, obvi)
(This got a lot of RT's and replies in agreement, so if it happens, I'm claiming it!)

Me: Which Firefly character did you enjoy writing for the most?
JE: Kaylee, I think. Kaylee or Mal. Or Janye. I can't decide!

Me: If I were to feature Husbands on my blog (and I will), any chance of an RT for it? Sorry, I'm a pretty shameless plugger.;)
Cheeks: That ain't shameless, that's quid pro quo! I like yer style! :D I'll plug it!
And he did:
Cheeks: The amazing reviews just keep rolling in![http://dudemeisterblogs.blogspot.com/2011/09/recommend-husbands.html] "Some of the internet's finest serial content." :D Thank you!!

Me: Been great chatting to you guys in this Q&A session, can we expect more?
JE: Sure! I'm not always avail on weekdays, b.c of Once Upon A Time, but I'd love to do more!
Me: Awesome, thanks! This evening (UK Time) has been delightfully informative and fun. Can't wait for more Husbands! 

I was pretty happy with how that turned out, and if the suggestions I threw into the mix turn into reality, I'd like to think I had a part in that. Also, my RE:Commend of Husbands got a lot of views from the plugs, and wound up on the official Husbands Press page! Looks like I'm going up in the world!


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