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- Amy, Her.

Friday, 23 December 2011


Well it looks like, in just under a year, Dude Meister Blogs reached 10,000 views. And boy am I proud! On the 9th of January, I had no idea that I'd be starting out a blog that would reach such value (at least to me, sentimentally). And while there are hundreds of sites, doing what I do, that get that in mere hours, I'm still overwhelmingly happy with how far I've come. So thanks to those who've clicked on the countless, cheesy links I throw on Facebook and Twitter. Thanks to those who've given me even the slightest of publicity (HUSBANDS! and JANE ESPENSON!). Thanks to all those rather disturbed individuals who've been led to my site after Googling camel penis 88 times. Thanks to the random people that stumbled upon this by accident, and either fallen in love or left immediately (the latter seems more likely). However you've found yourself here, I am grateful for it. And thus, I shall endeavour to continue, finding all new and awesome ways to write stuff and have it read, seen, glanced, or glimpsed by you.

Thanks everyone.

Arnold Thornton-Rice

And although we didn't manage to get a 10,000 hit screen-shot, this 10,001 still gives some credit, courtesy of Nick Townsend, who is believed to be the 10,000 hitter at 19:44 GMT. Or as he's better known (Read: forced this upon me.) "That really awesome dude, and I wouldn't be here without hit" - His exact words (mistake included), not mine. 

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