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"We're only here briefly, and while I'm here I want to allow myself joy. So fuck it."
- Amy, Her.

Monday, 17 January 2011


Kind of like this...
So I've had a migraine for the last two days, which has been pretty much hell. Unfortunately, as my Mum says, you don't know how it feels until you've had one, and just a few of days ago I challenged fate by asking myself the very question of "What does a migraine feel like?". Well, Fate, you win this round... But I'll be back.
        Anyway with the time I've had on my hands today, thanks to the forsaken graine of Mi, I managed to get round to watch 'Watchmen', which has been infesting my Sky+ memory for a while now with it's big headed 5%. But, what can I say? It was AWESOME! I can't believe it's taken me over a year to see one of the finest comic book movies ever made (and seeing as it's one of my favourite genres, it's also a little embarrassing...). It's themes of justice, war and sacrifice are all blended perfectly into an alternate cold war era America, . But before this turns into an RE:View, I'll leave it there. But seriously, it is GOOD.
      Now, I have to thank xXH4RRY5C0P3ZXx for being my first legitimate commenter! Sorry Angie253, but you don't really count, if you know what I mean (but thanks anyway). So keep the comments flowing people, and you never know, I might even mention YOU!

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