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- Amy, Her.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011


Cheers, Toby!
Today's post goes out to my favourite YouTube 'Vlogger', Toby Turner (Tobuscus). If you haven't heard of him then you have been missing out; he's hilarious! Music spoofs, games commentary, literal trailers, he does it all. And what's cool is he starts all his vids with his camera in 'precarious' and comic places, and questions the audience on why the hell they were there. It's pretty awesome, especially this montage of all his best 'Hey Audience!'s.
   Over his 3 channels (TobyGames, Toby Turner and Tobuscus) he's accumulated over 800,000 subscribers, and thanks to his popularity is able to shift ALOT of t-shirt's, all containing some of his iconic phrases such as 'Peace Off' and 'Bless Your Face'. You can check them out here.
  First time I heard of him was when he released the Halo Reach Literal Trailer, which to this day still remains one of my favourite Toby vids. And now, after subscribing to all his channels, I can't get enough of him! So if you  are reading this, then you ought to immediately visit these gems; TobuscusTobyTurner and TobyGames

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