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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Phoenix Jones: Inspiration or Fantasist?

From this picture, I'd go with 'International Knob Head'

So you may of heard of this Phoenix Jones guy lately, the so called 'Masked Guardian of Seattle'. He's basically a guy that's trying his hand at vigilante crime fighting, costume included. But is this man a heroic inspiration of humanity or just another comic-obsessed lunatic in PVC?

    Phoenix started out 9 months ago, nightly patrolling the Seattle suburbs to serve justice to any bad-doers. Since then he's claimed to have been stabbed, had a gun pulled on him and (quite recently) had his nose broken, but has come out of it all relatively unharmed, and that's thanks to his costume. Incorporating a bullet proof vest, trauma plating and a a utility belt (containing a taser, mace and tear gas), Phoenix's suit seems like it jumps right out of the pages of a Batman comic. "When I walk into neighbourhood, criminals leave because they see the suit"  he proclaims.

  Sounds awesome right? A real life vigilante dude, prowling the city streets at night and has a bad-ass suit. It's basically a fan-boy's dream come true. There's just one slight issue... He sucks. Seriously, I don't mean to put a downer on things, but he's not exactly turning crime lords black and blue or foiling evil plans to take over the world now, is he. It's just him going out each night onto the quiet streets, occasionally chasing off rowdy drunks or breaking up local punch-ups. Not exactly Superman...

    But let's not be too hasty. I mean, maybe he's just a normal guy; a normal guy simply trying to make a difference in his community. Nothing more, nothing less. And shouldn't something like that be a good thing? That someone's actually decided to try and do something about the things that bug them, instead of whining about it all day. He's stepped up to do something he believes in and I guess that's something in its self, to be honest with you.

     So maybe he has read one too many comic books, and yeah, I'm not going to lie, he does look like a bit of a prick, but he's certainly standing up for something. And that's what we should look up to him for; that he's  had the balls to do something. How many of you have had moments in your life when you just felt like going against the flow and doing something you felt was right, just to have those feelings pushed back down by the way of modern day society? It doesn't matter that he sucks at what he's doing or that he's probably just some geek extremist in a costume. This guy is one of the few people who's acted on those feelings of righteousness and therefore should be an inspiration to us.

 But then again, maybe he just gets off on it, in which case, you should ignore this entire post....

What are your thoughts on Phoenix Jones? Weirdo? Hero? Publicity Stunt? Pervert? None Of The Above? Share them in the comments, folks.

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