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- Amy, Her.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

The Sunday Supdate: 15/05/11

Reservoir Dogs; Countryside Style
God, am I knackered.
Well the majority of my weekend was spent walking. Walking up hills, walking by rivers, walking on roads; even walking down "mountains". And why did I do all this? The Duke of Edinburgh Award, of course. Just a practice hike to prepare us for the real one next month. But despite all the hardships, it was on the whole a good laugh. From my times as the newly coined "Hydro-maniac" and some rather interesting DIY baseball games (involving sombreros and a sleeping-mat), to the many big-balled sheep and the midnight medic duties, the entire time was worth it. So cheers to everyone who was there, who are most likely sharing in the various aches and pains with me.

Also this week I saw Attack The Block, which turned out to be great and hopefully I'll find the time to review it next week. As I said last week, things are moving slowly lately and the hits counter has taken a dive due to the lack of articles. But just hang on in there, I'll return to full capacity soon enough. Plus I really want to write some more fiction to put on here, just to give a creative flair to the site.

 But I digress. It's late and I'm tired so that's all I'm putting for today, readers. Feel free to vote on the polls to the right, now with more POTC. Have a great week and I'll be back here this time again next Sunday, with hopefully a decidedly longer post. Over to you, Baby Monkey:

Over and Out.

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