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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Trailer Tuesday: The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of The Unicorn

As you may remember, a few weeks back I was heavily praising the new Tintin movie, due out this October, directed and produced by Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson respectively. Well, here's the first trailer and it's looking mighty fine. Taking a great leap forward in both animation and motion-capture, Tintin might just end up as one of the best movies of the year.
 Here's the synopsis:

"Combining the stories of The Crab with the Golden ClawsThe Secret of the Unicorn and Red Rackham's Treasure, the film depicts Tintin's (Jamie Bell) first encounter with Captain Haddock (Andy Serkis) and the discovery of a clue to the treasure of his ancestor Sir Francis Haddock. They set out to find it with protection from a prison escapee who tried to get the treasure as well as Detectives Thompson and Thomson (Simon Pegg and Nick Frost)." - Wikipedia

And here's the trailer:

  • 0:11 - And we start off with the delightful Tintin creeping into a museum at night. I presume this is in Brussels as that's where Tintin originally finds The Unicorn ship.
  • 0:22 - Pause it at the right moment and you'll see the replica ship of The Unicorn which kicks this entire adventure off.
  • 0:23 - Tintin's faithful companion, Snowy!
  • 0:30 - And there's the fully lighted Unicorn model, with a slick CGI created reflection in the glass too.
  • 0:31-0:33 - Here are Pegg and Frost's comic-relief characters, Thompson and Thomson, in classic "Incognito newspaper mode". Described as a pair of bumbling detectives, the two are almost identical apart from their moustaches. Expect some funny dialogue too, as Edgar Wright (Shaun of The Dead, Hot Fuzz) and Joe Cornish (Attack The Block) are supposedly scripting these two. 
  • 0:35 - Most likely on board The Unicorn and Capitan Haddock (Serkis' character) can be seen at the end of the corridor alongside Snowy.
  • 0:36 - Thomson (or maybe Thompson?) is chasing down someone, possibly connected to Tintin's business with The Unicorn.
  • 0:37 -  Could this be our villain, Red Rackham (portrayed by Daniel Craig), on the left?
  • 0:39 - Tintin and Snowy double team a baddie.
  • 0:40 - The yellow sea plane - looks to be a focus throughout the movie...
  • 0:43-0:45 - ... As it crashes through a desert.
  • 0:46 - Tintin holds a gun as he chases after a blue car.
  • 0:49 - I think that's Tintin and Haddock crossing the desert that the plane crashed in; perhaps they were in the plane?
  • 0:51 - Is that The Unicorn crashing over the desert? I think so! Epic sand to water thing going on here.
  • 1:03 - And finally, we get the first glimpse of Tintin's face; bit of a Jedward quiff going on there.
  • 1:09 - Ignore the Christmas time, if you're European that is, because we get it 2 months earlier! WHOOP! 3-D too, by the way. 

So, did I hype it up too much for you? Or did you think that was spot-on, like I did? Either way, you've got to admit that the CGI has reached an almost photo-realistic standard, with scenes in that looking very life-like. Plus, the writing talent is undeniably extraordinary with the aforementioned Wright and Cornish, along with one of my favourite screen-writers, Steven Moffat of Doctor Who and Sherlock fame. Added to a star-studded cast and perhaps the greatest director/producer duo of the century and you've got a potential Oscar Winner on your hands. I don't know about you, but October cannot come soon enough...

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