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Sunday, 20 February 2011

Right in the O2, Right Yesterday!

Last night I hauled up to London's O2 Arena to witness Russell Howard's third live tour, entitled "Right Here, Right Now", hence the post title. As it being my first experience of live comedy, I was very excited and curious as to what it would be like. But let me tell you, fine people of my readers, it certainly did not disappoint. Russell's stand up was superb, with side splitting stories, audience banter and some excellent slagging off of both Twilight and Justin Bieber. I was in stitches at one point as he explained how he once was caught masturbating by a burglar when he was 14, after having a healthy dose of Weetabix!

  The atmosphere was also great, as I sat among the other 14,999 people who had purchased such hilarity. It was amazing to think that all these people around me, from all different walks of life, had flocked all the way here to see just one man. And to carry roughly 3 hours of material, to that many people without a supporting act is a true credit to Russell's talent.

 It was a spectacular evening of laughs, laughs and more laughs and one I would highly recommend to anyone with a half-decent sense of humour. Russell is such a universal comedian, and so literally everyone can enjoy it. If you can't get tickets now, then I cannot urge you enough to get the DVD when it hits stores on the 14th of November. It may be a long wait, but trust me when I say it's definitely worth it.

For more on Russell Howard, here's his:
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