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Sunday, 27 February 2011

The Sunday Supdate: 27/02/11

Good evening, good evening, good evening, good evening!
Random image I found that was kind of relevant... Don't even ask.

 Hope you've all had a good week, especially those who have been on half-term. But unfortunately for you, and me, it's back to school bright and early tomorrow and some pleasantly monstrous science exams on Wednesday.  Can't wait for that...

 Back to the week at hand however, and I certainly saw a lot of movies. True Grit, Paul and Gnomeo & Juliet were the week's cinema trips and all 3 were greatly enjoyable in their own rights. On the DVD side of things, I caught Four Lions, Legion and Fight Club. Four Lions was good, as far as satire about terrorist bombers go. Legion; meh. But Fight Club (I know, it's rather embarrassing that I haven't seen it before...) definitely surprised with it's thriller type twists... I genuinely thought it'd just be about, you know... Fighting.

  As for the blog, things are running rather smooth. I hit 600 hits today, which is always a good achievement I guess. 500 would have been a better place to celebrate, but that's come and gone now, so 600 will have to do. The Paul RE:View should be coming shortly, as voted by you guys (all nine of you!), although I really should have had it out yesterday... Trailer Tuesday this week is already written and ready, and I can officially confirm that there is absolutely no Marvel involved! What it actually is, you'll have to wait for, but I'm sure it'll be a hit if you liked the movie's predecessor and I'm confident that you did.

 That's all for today, as I'm kinda tired after a good day in London and I have some... stuff to do. But never fear, I'll make this Supdate (get it?) into a weekly regular. So I'll be spilling some more verbal stuff all over the internet for you all to carefully read with regulated enthusiasm, next Sunday, when I'll be 15 and 1 Day! Anyway, stay safe, and stay tuned.

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