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Thursday, 3 February 2011

Sloooow Week and Other Subjects


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Yeah, well sorry I haven't been giving this all the TLC I should have been lately, but I've been kind of busy/tired/stoned. Anyway, I should have a new RE:View up over the weekend, including not one but two critically acclaimed movies! 'Nuff said.

     Moving on, how about all that stuff in Egypt? Pretty crazy, huh? I guess this 'Pharaoh's not going to get a good afterlife, no matter how much they wrap him up. Yeah, bad puns aside, it's getting pretty serious out there. 8 dead, 890 injured and still stones (oh, how developed the Eastern world is) and gunfire being shared. I don't get why this Mubarak guy doesn't just flee now and get it over with, because it's got to happen sometime. Even if he just steps down now, there's still going to be violence toward him, let alone what it would be like in September when he plans to go. But I guess that's politics for you...

  Now, before I become a foreign correspondent on ITV news for my excellent analysis of current world affairs, I'd like to talk about everybody's favourite real life 'Super Hero', Phoenix Jones. According to the 10 votes counted, the majority of my readers think he's a pervert. So all my heartfelt stuff about how he's going against the flow and has humongous (metaphorical) balls really didn't sway any of you? Wow, really? No one? Oh hang on there was one vote for hero... No wait, I think that was just me. Damn, knew I shouldn't have included that last statement... But thanks to everyone who voted, even if you did use 3 computers to get your result.

  So don't forget to visit here on either Sunday or Monday for my head to head RE:View extravaganza, and have a good Friday.

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