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Monday, 18 April 2011

RE:View: Sucker Punch

If I asked you to think of every action movie convention you could, and then told you that they would all be in one movie, what would you say? No way, right? Well director Zack Snyder has attempted just that in his latest cinema outing, Sucker Punch. A hybrid between fantasy/action and thriller/sci-fi, Sucker Punch aims for the same mind-bending plot devices seen in the likes of Inception, but with all the heavy action, can the story keep up?

    The tale follows 5 girls :

  • Emily Browning as Babydoll
  • Abbie Cornish as Sweet Pea
  • Jena Malone as Rocket
  • Vanessa Hudgens (Yep - from High School Musical!) as Blondie
  • Jamie Chung as Amber
 Locked up in a mental asylum, they attempt to escape by using the power of their minds to find five items that will set them free. Ever seen Rugrats? Well the way that they imagine stuff around them when they're playing is kind of like what happens here, just with more violence and scantily-clothed women. This complex idea however, doesn't always work and will leave you wondering why the hell a battle between a girl and 3 huge Gatling gun-wielding samurai's just took place.

    However, the style and action of these bizarre fight scenes really can't be flawed. Every battle runs smoothly with slow-mo cuts, close up combat and some stunning camera work in places to capture the beautiful choreography at work. Action-junkies will feel right at home here as fights with dragons, steam-punk German zombies and robots, unfold into some truly awesome set-pieces.

The action is crazy-awesome
          As for the multi-layered plot setup, it seems to struggle at times. Most things look to be based on implying things, rather than actually executing them which creates some plot holes and bad pacing issues. If you looked deep into it, there are some real serious themes of rape and abuse going on, but unfortunately these aren't built upon largely due to the 12A rating, leaving the finished product slightly sloppy. Plus the fairytale setup of "3 problems" (i.e. the three pigs houses) gets tiresome after a while and feels like the easy route of plot progression that really doesn't benefit the wannabe-complex script.

          The girls (although none really stand out) give fairly decent performances and manage to carry it well enough. Some more dialogue during fight scenes could have helped build some chemistry between them all though, and a couple characters seem a bit dispensable and only there to make up numbers (namely Hudgens and Chung's roles). On the whole though, the acting is fine.

You can't deny them their hotness...
     I can see what Snyder is getting at here and when closely analysed this could be viewed as a master-piece, but obviously the everyday movie-goer isn't going to get that deep, or even the critics. It seems a bit too like Snyder's film and no one else's, which is why it comes off a little rough. Granted, Snyder's cinematography and imagery is spot on and the action is handled expertly, but that's not going to satisfy everyone, especially those who came for a "mind-bending vision of reality" and instead got what came off like a video-game adaptation. I guess some slack should be given due to the fact that this is the first time Snyder's using his own material and can be somewhat forgiven due to his lack of guidance in the story-telling department this time round.

3/5 Stars - It's certainly fun to watch, just don't go expecting the next Shutter Island.

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