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Sunday, 3 April 2011

The Sunday Supdate: 03/04/11

Happy Mothers Day everyone!

Hope you're all well and coping with your everyday lives. This week's been... somewhat fast, I'd like to say. That of course is in no way a bad thing, I guess. Just felt like it was only yesterday I was typing on about 1000 hits (which has now nearly grown to 1300).  Maybe it's just me. Life seems to be whizzing me by lately, things changing and evolving. And even the hours pass without me knowing. I just looked at my watch and realised it was already half nine. No time for reading tonight I guess...

  So, what's been Sup this week? There were two new posts, if you read them. The usual trailer Tuesday and a slightly different post focusing on seats and the like. If my quote hadn't given it away already, I watched the Scrubs season 8 finale for the 4th time this week. Man, those final scenes never fail to well my eyes up. Yeah, I know I'm such a wuss. Anyway, some of the stuff in it really related to me this time around - about things ending and how they never match what you'd hoped in your head. 

    However, I have get some awesome (and very geeky) news to share. Next Sunday, I shall be going to Comic-Con! Well, Kapow! Comic-Con, which is the UK's equivalent to the mighty San-Diego convention. Expect some awesome photos dropping next Supdate or after, of all the geeky goodness. Comics, movies, TV, games, and of course Cosplay are abound. Don't worry though, you won't catch me in a dodgy costume...

 Coming up... Well, I I recently obtained the book Plague (which you can buy through the link at the bottom), which is the 4th in a series of novels known as the Gone series. I am a massive fan of this series, so it's likely there'll be some sort of RE:View inbound. Also, I'll probably see Sucker Punch soon, because it does look rather awesome. Some negative reviews have turned me off slightly, but I'll be sure to try and get my thoughts across in another RE:View if and when I see it.  And stick around for tomorrow, because I've got something scary up my sleeve. Plus I really should post some more doodles soon...

   Alright, that'll be about it. See you next week (which at this rate will feel like tomorrow) for another Supdate of possible Comic-Con-ness and take care. And remember the polls to your right, people!

Oh, and I thought it'd be cool to leave my initials at the end of Supdates, all professional like.

Plague (Gone)

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