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Saturday, 30 April 2011

He Said She Said

Now, if you don't mind, I'd like to cast your mind back to a couple of Sundays ago when I posted that Supdate including that The Hobbit video. Well, also mentioned in that post were the guys over at hesaidshesaidfm.com, and I promised that I'd do a proper feature on them. Albeit a little overdue, I keep my promises, so this post goes out to them.

He Said She Said is essentially a movie review site; but with a difference. Run by UK couple, Helen and James, the website gives 2 separate reviews of one movie. One by him and one by her, hence He Said She Said. This unique style effectively gives you two opinions, which can not only make their reviews more reliable, but also gives you a taste of different sides to a film. He may love it, while She may hate it, and if you know you're like one or the other you can see what you're likely to make of the movies.

This was when I met James at Kapow! Don't worry, he's not that blue in real life. I think.
They keep their opinions short and sweet, and that's what I like about them. A quick, but crucially detailed, review that I can read just before I decide what to see. Plus, the layouts are slick and easy to read, incorporating a trailer, cast & director list and even the IMDb link for the film. Then, once they've each said their piece and given it a personal rating out of 5, the scores are combined and a short "They Said" section is added, detailing the overall verdict.

  If this sounds awesome to you (and why wouldn't it?) then I cannot urge you enough to visit hesaidshesaidfm.com right now to check out all the movie goodness. Or watch a couple of their daily YouTube videos, where they talk about all the film stuff you'd ever care to know, among other topical things. There's even Twitter too! Plus, I'll likely post a link on my RE:Views to their reviews, as I have been already.

Fun Fact - Helen watched the Back To The Future trilogy at nearly a frame-by-frame rate for her Media and Film Studies degree! Epic!

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