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Sunday, 10 April 2011

The Sunday Supdate: 10/04/11

Well, guess who just got back from London's "Kapow!" Comic-Con?

 Yep, nearly 6 solid hours of geeky goodness. Unfortuantely, I won't be able to give you the full report (with pictures) until tomorrow, but rest assured it'll be worth the wait. Unlike some of the queues I stood in... Waited in line for ages, only to be turned away at the last corner, defying me of the Kick-Ass writer/artist's autographs. Ah well, got some good pics of them and there were a few stunning announcements made by Mr Mark Millar himself, writer of Kick-Ass and Wanted. Plus, exciting new Misfits news and some intriguing costumes to look forward to.

   What else has been going on this week? I got an A* on my recent maths mock, if than can constitute worthy news... Saw my sister's college performance of We Will Rock You, which was impressive if a bit awkward at times... Never realised how terrible the story is in that show though. Terrible pacing and the ending just makes no sense. But if it entertains, then who cares?

  Still haven't seen any more movies, but what with the next couple of weeks being school-free I should be able to slot some in. And with all that extra time on my hands, maybe some more editorials/opinions will crop up in the coming days. My Foxy Bingo piece felt quite fresh, despite the foul language, buy hey, I starred it out right? I do like the idea of the Cracked style srticles of "# Reasons Why...", and may use the unique structural style again sometime in the near future.

     As for now, well I think I'll be signing off. Come back tomorrow for my full Kapow! (yes, I do need to put an explanation mark everytime) coverage, and don't forget to pack some spare underwear. Good night!

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