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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Trailer Tuesday: Triple Trailer Madness!

Yeah, because I totally meant those kind of trailers.
Well, there's good news and there's bad news.

The bad news? There's no trailer breakdown today, for both a lack of effort and a lack of trailers worthy of it.
The good news? To make up for this, I'm posting 3 trailers for your eyes, ears and maybe even mouth (if you're into that kind of thing) to feast gluttonously on.

(With all trailers, hover over vid and click top link for proper YouTube page. This means bigger screen and higher res.)

   First up, new indie movie, Another Earth. It's about a duplicate Earth turning up with duplicate humans and duplicate everything. It's a cool, if not slightly chilling, concept put into action by some half-arsed looking story. To be honest, it looks like a cheesy and predictable romance-thriller set among the sweet sounding sci-fi concept. But who knows, it may turn out good. Plus, the music really brings the trailer to a level of both tranquility and corruption or, in layman's terms, poetic awesome. Here it is:

Releases July 22, 2011

Next, is the latest Jason Statham action flick, Blitz. Based around a serial cop-killer in London, it promises some twists and turns and a lot of Statham kicking ass. The villain, named Blitz, certainly rings some Joker vibes from The Dark Knight, if you see what I mean. Besides that, it'll probably be a no-holds barred action film with lots of potty-mouthed yobs and bone-cracking beat-downs. Enjoy:

Coming May 20, 2011

And finally, we come to Warrior. Featuring Tom Hardy of Inception and Bronson fame, Warrior looks like the MMA (Mixed Marial Arts) version of The Fighter. Two brothers return to their MMA routes after a hard time in Afghanistan and teaching respectively, and find that they must battle each other for the final championship. Admittedly, the trailer gives away a little too much, but it seems like the film will not really choose a side itself between the bros. This is obviously a different angle form the Rocky-themed biased boxing flicks which have reigned over the genre for years, and I think the MMA direction will breath some much needed fresh air into it as well. Anyway, here's todays final trailer:

In Cinemas September 9th, 2011

Right then, that's your trailer overdose done for today. Come back next week for a proper breakdown of another upcoming movie. Hopefully.

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