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- Amy, Her.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Trailer Tuesday: Not Today, Folks...

No, "Not Today, Folks" is not a movie!

  Yeah, sorry about that, but I've got a couple valid reasons. Firstly, I'm pretty wasted after burning through the last 200 or so pages of Plague (RE:View imminent) which was heart-racingly awesome. And the other reason is that there are no decent recent trailers out. Seriously, IMDB is pretty barren at the moment, except maybe this incredibly blunt and in your face Hesher movie that looks kind of... different. Not really worth a break-down though, seeing as it's so painstakingly obvious. Some sweet actors in there though.

  But don't get too upset over this gut-wrenching revelation of suggested betrayal toward you, depriving you of your precious weekly trailer break-down, because patience may prevail. What I mean is, I might do a trailer some other time this week. And the universe is balanced again. Plus, I'm working on some contacts that could lead somewhere new and exciting... Stay tuned.

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