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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

The Morocco Trip: Part 3

Snoop Dogg started our day off with a nice petrol refill. 
Then it was straight into action for a jungle-like walk about. 
Hit the jump for the rest!

For the entire hour or so that this lasted, a few of us had that all-so-important discussion; what was the greatest old-school TV show?

The lone palm...
It's a jungle out there: POV style.
I guess we got a bit tired on the next coach trip into lunch. Well, he did anyway...
Quick stop for some desert wells, and a demonstration of how they get water out here on the fringes of the Sahara. And boy, did the heat hit us here. 
Rather pointless sand camel. Unknown whether it was actually built around a real one.

Shadow stomp: POV style.
Gotta love those awkward landscape shots...

Next, some guy showed us how the wells worked, followed by this crazy man who climbed down one  and up the other - with bare feet and hands!

After that, it was lunch and I think we were all heavily relieved to be having pizza rather than the tagine we'd come accustomed to...
One long table and a lot of cokes.

After lunch we stumbled over this rather unfortunate sign post...
And then went on to a fossil shop, which gathered a groan from most of us.
But it ended up pretty cool, with some nifty stuff like this, as well as a whole bunch of souvenirs  and gifts.

Chess boards... Made from million year old dead animals...
Fresh Prince of?
Yep, even Arabic children are on ze Facebook.

Finally the coach ride was over for the day, as we waited on the edge of the Sahara for some 4x4's to take us to the remote desert hotel.
This wait was intensified not only by the searing heat, but this huge hornet that made itself acquainted with the bus' windscreen wiper.
After the bumpy-but-awesome journey on the jeeps, we arrived at the luxury 4 star (?) hotel in the Sahara. 
Complete with central pool and bar...
Which made an excellent chill-out zone for us, after the long day.

Sand: POV style.
And this was what the hotel's back door looked like. Endless miles of Saharan sand dunes, which made for  an unbelievable sight. Seriously, if I just looked out a window I thought it was a painting or something.
The hotel itself was like a fort, but a mere dot from a birds-eye view of the entire desert.
Camels lounged just outside, used to this humid evening we were experiencing. 

Dinner; tagine, no doubt.
Before slogging off to bed, a lot of us sat around the pool, basking in this unreal location. One boy however, got a bit carried away with some people's unattended injuries, delegating himself as the class physician and bandaging everyone left, right and centre. The results; pure, unadulterated hilarity as people lined up - some even cutting themselves on purpose - to be checked over by the straight faced and dead serious Dr Nadir, who had no idea how ridiculous it all looked. Anyway, this was the room in which a hot, sticky night occurred. And not in any sort of sick, sexual connotations!

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