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Monday, 11 July 2011

The Morocco Trip: The Videos!

 So I managed to get the 3 videos I took in Africa to upload to YouTube and post them on here. They're not much, but they make the whole Morocco posts complete. And don't forget to click on them to get to the proper YouTube link to watch them in a crisp 720p HD format. Much cleaner, methinks. Here they are in small, Blogger format though:

Here's the video I took while riding Malcolm across the Sahara. Note the epic zoom in to end...

 The dismount vid didn't quite go according to plan, as it was cut in the middle from the drop making my finger slip and stop the video. This is what was recoverable from that footage, including a nice shot of Mal's face at the end. Plus it looks like a sweet first-person sequence.

And this was one of the entertainers we had on the penultimate night. Because my camera didn't take decent pictures in the dark, I decided to do a video of the musical supplement. Gives you a slice of the culture, in my opinion.

And that was it. I would have done more of them while there, but unfortunately videos take a lot of memory up on my SD card and I needed that for the 700-odd photos I had taken. Ah well, at least it makes the whole experience a little more real to empathise. 


Here's all the other parts, just in case you missed them:
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