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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Trailer Tuesday: Games Special 2

As if I haven't said it enough already, the San Diego Comic-Con was on last weekend, and that means new game trailers to go along with it. So, like I did with the E3 ones, I've compiled a lot of them for your viewing pleasure.

First up, Battlefield 3:

Showcasing a new map based in and around the Paris Metro system, as well as tooting their own horn about awards, this trailer has me pumped for the explosive, vast and awesome multiplayer the game has to offer when it releases October 28th.

Zelda returns to Wii! Could this game make me pick up a Wiimote again after all this time?

After over 3 years in development, Star Wars: The Old Republic is finally nearing, and here's a trailer showing off the different classes the new MMO has to offer. I call Smuggler/Jedi! Hey, there should be Jedi Smugglers! *Jots down idea for future writing*


I missed Marvel vs Capcom 3 the first time round, so this expanded re-release is perfect for me! Come on November.

I think I'll pass on this one...

Obviously this isn't a game trailer, but this Vlog from Tobuscus on the showroom floor is fridgin' hilarious. From the background dancer at 1:00 to the incredibly awkward moment of that kid singing at the end... There's some killer freestyling and Scottish accents in the mix too!

That's all from the Comic-Con Game trailers for this year. Nothing overly amazing, but some sweet stuff. Most of these were comic-based games as you may have noticed, but they were from Comic-Con, so what do you expect? Stick around though, because later today I'll be breaking down some awesome new TV trailers! Hint: One involves zombies while the other's got time travel.

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