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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Trailer Tuesday: The Amazing Spider-Man

For today's Trailer Tuesday, I'm going to be mixing it up a bit and (with a lot of effort) posting at least 3 separate trailers with breakdowns! The majority will be coming straight from the San Diego Comic-Con, held last weekend, and will be from movies, TV and video games. To start us off we've got the Teaser for The Amazing Spider-Man, which was released alongside the theatrical debut of Captain America. Want a synopsis? You got it:

"In this reboot of the classic Spider-Man series, The Social Network's Andrew Garfield steps into the role of Spidey as we once more witness his incredible origin story of how he came by these strange spider powers. But with great power comes great responsibility, as Peter Parker will find out when he does battle with Rhys Ifans' Lizard, as well as wooing the glamourous Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone). Expect a moodier and darker take on the Spider-Man legend when it hits theatres, 3 July 2012." - Yeah, I wrote it. I apologise for the cheesiness... 
Okay, so here it is:

And the analysis:

  • 0:15 - After a fly over of New York, we see a very young Peter and his Father, presumably just before his death. It would seem that the film's going to delve into the history of his parents, unlike the original Spider-Man films. 
  • 0:30 - Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker in the present day now. I for one am looking forward to seeing Garfield in the role, and hopefully he'll be able to play the character in a way Tobey Maguire never could. I don't know about you, but Maguire never sold it for me. 
  • 0:36 - Let the moodiness begin! Peter walks down a crowded High School corridor looking lonely while some creepy music plays. Note that he is in High School, and will be throughout the movie, giving us a chance to see a younger Spider-Man, which could add a coming-of-age element into the mix.
  • 0:44 - And there's a shot of Peter in class, looking very distracted as he scribbles in his dark hoodie. Hopefully they're not going for an emo Spidey again like they tried in Spider-Man 3 and epically failed, what with it falling into an irrelevant, uncomfortable and all around misplaced scene... That's Gwen Stacy looking back at him by the way, who is the main love interest here. No MJ I'm afraid. (That's Mary Jane, not Jacko). 
  • 0:59 - Peter turns up at the lab where Gwen works. Here comes the powers... Also, it would seem they're playing up the geeky nerd angle on Peter, with the glasses and the subsequent awkwardness. 
  • 1:01 - Now here is the villain of the piece. Dr Kurt Connors aka Lizard. According to the reports from the footage shown at Comic-Con, the good Doctor only has one arm and while attempting to regrow it using reptilian stem-cells it all goes South, turning him into a huge Lizard. Hence the name. Refer to What The Fridge?!: Week Five for more details on that.
  • 1:04-1:11 - "She told you not to touch anything!" Peter somehow finds his way to this dark testing room, where there seems to be some sort of experiment involving spider webs going on. Then, of course, a spider that's been altered in some way finds our hero and blesses/curses him with that fateful radioactive bite.
  • 1:19 - Peter starts finding webbing coming out of his neck. A very different, perhaps more natural, discovery than how the first Spider-Man film handled it.
  • 1:25 - My theory on this shot is that Peter is running from muggers/bullies and ends up discovering his new found acrobatic capabilities.
  • 1:28 - He's even starting to catch flies! Looks like The Amazing Spider-Man is going to draw out the "freaked out by discovery of powers" thing for a while. It certainly has his Aunt Mae confused, this time played by screen legend Sally Field. And it should be pointed out that Martin Sheen is portraying Ben Parker, Peter's Unlce.
  • 1:31 - Peter and Dr Connors meet up before the accident, suggesting that Connors is responsible for Peter's powers. 
  • 1:35 - Peter looks to be either sowing his costume or threading out more web from his skin. He could even be working out his webshooters which have been confirmed for the movie. These are just contraptions put on his wrists to allow him to shoot webs, a part which the last films skipped over with the all-natural wrist shoots.
  • 1:41 - It's a quick shot, but it's badass. Peter, in costume, sitting by a window. There's something very dark about that shot. 
  • 1:44-2:17 - An epic first person sequence of Spidey free-running and swinging across the Manhattan sky-line. If you look at about 2:12 you can see the webshooter on the wrist as he shoots one out of it. And at the end we finally see a proper short of Peter in costume. Looks sleek and more poignant. This sort of Mirrors edge style sequence has me really wanting a FP Spider-Man game! Oh and the dialogue sounds awesome. "The secrets we keep and the ones that are kept from us." Mysterious, eh?
  • 2:22 - Title and date. And although it doesn't say, I'm fairly sure it's 3D. See you next year Spidey.
Hows that for a trailer then? There's been a lot of mixed opinions on this film so far, with many criticising how a reboot of a franchise only a few years old is just too early. But honestly, the old Spidey's were getting stale towards the end, especially the "Let's bung in as many villains as we can for no good reason" 3rd film. So I say Horrah for this one, and can't wait to see how it turns out next July. 


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