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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Trailer Tuesday: The Walking Dead: Season 2

To round off this spectacular day of Trailery Trailerness, here's the epic 4 minute preview of the terribly anticipated second season of The Walking Dead. Once again debuting at the San Diego Comic Con 2011, the trailer boasts zombies, gore, zombies, suspense, zombies, guns and zombies. Edge of your seat stuff people, here it is. Recommended with no background noise for full cinematic awesomeness.

I do not think something as breath taking as that needs a breakdown, so I'm just going to write what I think and feel of the trailer. It's obvious things aren't peaches and cream with the survivors any more, and as tension builds between them we end up with a divide. From the first few seconds, I think Shane may be regretting that decision though... Then Rick's radio broadcast sounds very well scripted as we ease away from season 1's Atlanta back drop. Now I didn't read the comics, so I'm not sure where it's all going this season. I heard they hide out in a prison at some point...

   Anyway, these haunting scenes of dead people in cars serve as a constant reminder of the horror of the situation, keeping up the grim tone we all loved from season 1. And that carries over into the group, with all the fighting that seems to be going on. Even old Dale seems to be falling out with the black guy over things. The strain of survival is taking it's toll and that's not the worst of their problems.

 But oh my god, that Highway scene. I cannot wait to experience that tenseness and suspense of when those zombies walk past them under the cars. I have a feeling I too will be holding my breath as they pass! This has got to be the most intense scene in TV history if it shapes up anything like this trailer says. 

  This blend of intense emotion and kick-ass action has made The Walking Dead the TV success it has become, and season 2 shows no signs of slowing down in that aspect. The last minute or so, when you've got this mix of all the zombie-shooting and chasing, and then Rick running with his wounded boy (?) while everyone else looks on in despair, just gets you going with a pathos like no otherer. "But a slim chance is better than none" just takes the cake to end it off. Bravo.

Bring on October. That is, if the UK gets things straight and airs it as close to the US as it did last season. Fingers crossed!


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