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Thursday, 31 March 2011

Kickin' In The Front Seat or Sittin' In The Back Seat?

You may wish to watch this before reading.  And make sure you are appropriately seated.
Thank god she didn't catch the bus.
The modern-day teenager is faced with countless problems as they crawl through their perilous journey to adult-hood, but there is one problem that really does stand out among them. When presented with their friends in a car, which seat should they take? It's a tough decision that could take hours, if not days, of deliberation to come to some sort of conclusion. Just two options, but so many pros and cons to each...

 Take the front seat, for example. If you decide to "kick" in there, you'll get a great view of the road and all it's surroundings, but you're then burdened with the possible seater poker behind, and the loss of social interaction with those in the back. However, if choosing to "sit" in the back seat, you lose all the leg-room and space of the front. And hence, you see the conundrum.

   All over the world, teenagers are facing this catastrophic dilemma, and to no avail. Let's take his teenage girl, Rebecca we'll call her. She's busy all week; Mondays are manic, Tuesdays go with the wind, Thursdays are dull and so on. So as you can imagine, by Friday, Rebecca is shattered. She wakes up in the morning, gets a bowl of cereal and just makes it to the bus stop just in time. But hang on a sec, because she's spotted her friends in their brand new car! Naturally, Rebecca ignores the fact that her friends are far too young to actually drive, and gets on with the problem at hand (confident that the police won't pull them over or question their age). Should she Kick it in the front seat or sit it in the back seat? The clock's ticking as she stands there pondering the predicament, leaving her fellow buddies in endless head bops and off-beat taps, leaving them vulnerable to possible head-injuries or brain-hemorrhages... Which seat should she take?

 And all this on a Friday! Who'd of thought it! That's the last thing you want to be happening to you at the end of a week. I speak from personal experience when I say that on Fridays, all I want to do is get down because I'm looking forward to the weekend, and don't need the hassle of seat-picking ruining my day.

   Kids 20 years ago never had this kind of issue, of course. All they had to worry about was just getting to school. Never have they had to go through this kind of pressure, which is why it's vitally important for parents to discuss the seating arrangements of a car at a very young age for their children. Poor education in the area will leave teenagers, just like Rebecca, unprepared for such serious situations resulting in a nasty surprise for the innocent teen. So next time you're out and about, make sure you're fully prepared for what seat you are going to take...

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