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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Charlie Sheen: An Honorary Douche

The face of a loser

Charlie Sheen -  America's (ex) highest paid actor -  has been all over the news recently, in relation to his drug scandals, porn-star problems and wife-beating, but what is it that people really think of him? Well, in a recent investigation, I found out...

 Now, the past few years seemed to have been quite the struggle for the Two and a Half Men star, as the effects of drugs, booze and sex have landed him in rehab/prison more than a few times. Countless marriages and children have been and gone for this obviously deeply troubled man, and with the ridiculous amounts of money he's paid, it's no wonder he's constantly hitting the coke.

 So surely, every good and decent person must hate the man, right? He's possibly the worst example ever of a successful actor and the best example ever of a class A knob-head, making him instantly despicable by the general public. But, strangely enough, that's not the case.

  Some people believe that this drugged-up girl-basher is cool, that the man is an inspiration. Of course, these kind of ideas have sprouted from this recent interview, where Sheen sits there, cigarette and beer in hand, casting off all criticisms as "passion" or "winning", even making up his own crazy little catchphrases like "Can't is the cancer of happen" and "I'm bi-winning". Describing his parties as "epic" and likening Frank Sinatra to, get this, a "droopy-eyed armless child", Sheen casually owns the interview with, dare I say, some sort of style. It's easy to tell that Sheen really does not give a shit, and from that aspect I can understand people admiring this kind of quality. But isn't this just sheer ignorance rather than apathetic attitude?

  Another word that came up when asking peoples opinions on Sheen was "courage", and this is something I can understand. You can't deny the man of his humongous balls, especially when he goes up onto roofs and shakes a machete around like he's freaking Danny Trejo. I certainly wouldn't have the kahunas to declare myself as a "winner" after all that stuff, although maybe that's also just a matter of ignorance and lack of a properly functioning brain.

 Thankfully, the majority that I spoke to regarded Charlie simply as "an idiot" and that "it's about time he got his comeuppance". His consequent firing from Warner Bros over his "moral turpitude" serves the smack-head right, and it's about goddamn time he stopped getting $1.8 million a week, just so that he could blow it all on his precious tardust and pot. But, naturally, Sheen claims he "never liked that show anyway". Yeah, just like how you got "bored" of drugs...

  In my opinion Charlie Sheen is a douchebag that can't handle the fact that all the terrible things he's done have finally caught up with him. All the domestic abuse, the drug addiction and everything else has pulled his world down around him, and fortunately he's suffered as a result, and I for one am happy to watch this over-paid bastard crumble to the ground.

 So Charlie, are you still "Winning"?

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