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- Amy, Her.

Sunday, 27 March 2011

The Sunday Supdate: 27/03/11

Aha, my good friends, so glad you could join me on this fine Sunday evening. Apologies for my unacceptable absence last week, I don't know what came over me. Anyway, I'm here now, so let's get my Supdate on.

Aah, Domo is so awesome...

 As you may have seen by now, I have passed the 1000 hits milestone by over 100 now, and I gotta say, it feels good to see 4 digits up there. I know I say it every week, but thanks again to everyone and anyone who's even had the remotest peek on the blog. Every little helps, so keep the views coming! 5 digits, here we come!

  I blasted out a couple of RE:View's this weekend too, catching some of you off guard I believe, especially todays Limitless review which I didn't even know was coming. I keep updating and editing that by the way, so you may want to check it again for my slight change in opinion. (It's only about 1 sentence different, changes nothing and I'm just using this as an excuse to squeeze a few more hits out of you...)

 I could really use one of those pills from Limitless though, would really help out in certain situations. I could type all this in about 132 seconds, complete my GCSEs within a week and start university next month. By next year my name will be draped across every sign, billboard and paper in the world, though they'd have to use a small font as my name is remarkably long... Plus by that time I would probably have been chased down by some pretty mean Russian Gangsters, been accused of murder and experienced countless blackouts of time...

 Spoilerish Day-Dream over now, and I'm tired. Guess it's time for some Spoilerish Night-Dreams. See you soon, folks. Oh and I'll make sure to get a new poll up and running soon.

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